Community Resilience Project

The Random Kindness Community Resilience Project is intended as an inspiration and resource for community engagement, participatory planning and community organizing. We are passionate about building community resilience in the face of climate change, including aid to climate refugees and nuclear refugees from Fukushima. We have dedicated the Japanese translation of our book to survivors of this catastrophic event, and a portion of the book’s proceeds are going towards community resilience efforts in Japan. Mayumi has moved to a climate refugee camp outside of Kyoto and is dedicating the next stage of her life to transforming and rebuilding a peaceful and safe-energy Japan.

In the Bay Area, Paloma is involved with local climate resilience efforts including the “Mapping Our Future: Community Resilience” audit, which has been initiated as a grassroots-driven effort for vulnerable communities to assess themselves regarding affordable housing, water access and food sovereignty, addressing basic needs as well as reinventing and reimagining our institutions. The Random Kindness Community Resilience Project will integrate arts and culture with principles of community organizing and multiracial, intergenerational leadership development to equip the next generation of social, racial, and climate justice leaders for the great work of our time.

The message in Random Kindness is now more urgent than ever. In an age of climate crisis, this work is a call to community action to create the world we want, a world based on principles of sustainability with justice—including not only a call for collective visioning and power but also for beauty, imagination and creativity in the world we want to restore and grow.

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